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When blending two families into one, things can get rather stressful. Not only do you have to worry about all of the members of each family, but you also have to worry about all of their stuff. How do you make two family's worth of things fit into one house? Can you get rid of some stuff? Should you hold onto the things that aren't really needed? I created this blog to help other blended families learn how to utilize storage units as a way to meet in the middle of some of the disagreements that can arise during the blending process.

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Storing Your Least Favorite Comics To Make Room For New

Comic book collections can take up quite a bit of space in your home. Before you begin sorting your collection to eliminate those that aren't your favorites to make room for more, stop and think about leasing a small storage unit. Here, you'll learn how to prepare and store your comic books to protect them as they are stored for months or even years.

Prepare the Comics for Storage

You are probably aware of the damage that the oils on your hands can cause. Those oils can cause mold to grow on the comics while they're stored. So, before you handle your comic books, wash and dry your hands very well or wear a pair of cotton gloves. Failure to protect the comics from the oils on your hands can result in mold, as well as smudges in the ink.

Your comics should be sleeved and boarded. You can pick up boards and bags at your local comic store or check online for competitively priced packages. Slide the cardboard into the sleeve and then the comic. This packaging technique will protect the comics against bending, ripping, and tearing of the pages.

Get some file boxes to store the comics in. Sand the comics vertically to make it easier for you to sort through them when you want to find something in particular. If your collection is extensive, create a catalog. Each comic should be given a number and that number and title written in the catalog. When you need a comic, you just look up what number it has been given and the box number that it is in. The more time you spend organizing and cataloging, the less time you'll have to spend digging later.

Store the Comics

The environment in which you store the collection will have a substantial impact on how well they hold up over the years. If the climate is not controlled and the comics are exposed to light, high and low temperatures and humidity, they will become damaged.

Look for a climate-controlled storage facility if you don't have a place in your home to store the boxed comics. This storage unit can be used to store more than just your comics. Think about all of the other items that are preventing you from buying new lines that you love.

Start by preparing and storing your comics. Soon, you'll have the space that you need to continue building the ultimate comic collection. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center.