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When blending two families into one, things can get rather stressful. Not only do you have to worry about all of the members of each family, but you also have to worry about all of their stuff. How do you make two family's worth of things fit into one house? Can you get rid of some stuff? Should you hold onto the things that aren't really needed? I created this blog to help other blended families learn how to utilize storage units as a way to meet in the middle of some of the disagreements that can arise during the blending process.

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Store Valuables In A Storage Unit With Confidence By Prioritizing Security Measures

Needing to rent a storage unit usually happens when you run out of space to put items in your home without cluttering the bedrooms or storage areas. In some cases, they may be seasonal items that do not hold much monetary value, but you want to keep them for use throughout the year.

If you are interested in storing valuables in a storage unit, you may be a little concerned about the security of the items. This is when you will benefit from using a well-secured storage complex. Knowing what features to look for will help you choose a storage facility and sign a rental lease.

Gate With a Code

Letting anyone into a storage complex is not a great idea because there is no reason for a non-customer to be wandering around. If they are interested in renting a unit, they can contact the storage facility and get a physical tour in which they are shown around the entire space. The most reliable storage complexes will restrict access through an entry gate that requires a PIN code.

A PIN code that is changed occasionally is ideal because there will be customers who end their lease as well as others who find out about the code from a friend, coworker, or on a note.

Entry Logs

To follow up with protecting the entrance, a storage complex will have an employee watch over the gate and take note of anyone who enters the space. Keeping an eye on the entrance also prevents people from being able to tailgate behind a car to avoid entering the gate code.


Having cameras around the complex is smart because the company can capture everything that goes on. If there is a reported break-in, they can look at the cameras to determine what happened. High-definition cameras with night vision have the best chance of facial recognition. A camera at the entry gate is essential because it will put every vehicle that enters on tape.

Guard Dogs

While you may only find this security feature on occasion, you will come across some storage facilities with guard dogs that live on the premises. This is an extra form of security that can deter thieves from wanting to trespass on the property and attempt to break into a storage unit.

While you can find any storage facility with availability and rent a unit, you will feel more confident putting your valuables in a complex that you know has extensive security measures. To learn more about your options, contact a company like Cardinal Self Storage.