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When blending two families into one, things can get rather stressful. Not only do you have to worry about all of the members of each family, but you also have to worry about all of their stuff. How do you make two family's worth of things fit into one house? Can you get rid of some stuff? Should you hold onto the things that aren't really needed? I created this blog to help other blended families learn how to utilize storage units as a way to meet in the middle of some of the disagreements that can arise during the blending process.

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How Location Will Affect Your Choice Of Storage Unit

If you are in the hunt for a storage unit, then you should give considerable weight to location as a factor in facility evaluation. Below are some aspects of storage that location influences a great deal.

Time Factor

The location of a storage unit with regard to your location determines how much time you need to access something in your storage unit. Say you have a storage unit 6 miles from your office and another one 20 miles from your office. You will spend more time on the road retrieving items from the second storage unit than the first storage unit.

This can be a significant issue if you plan on frequent access to your storage unit. Multiple visits to the unit every month can add up to significant time spent on the road, especially if the area experiences regular traffic jams. In such a case, you are better off with a storage facility near your location.

Safety and Security

You don't keep things you can afford to lose in a storage unit, which means you value the safety and security of the valuables in your storage unit. Location is a huge factor in the safety and security of your stored items. For example, the location determines how likely you are to be mugged or attacked when accessing the storage unit, especially at night. This is especially a big deal if you want round-the-clock access to your storage unit. The location may also determine how likely the storage unit is to be affected by natural disasters such as wildfire and flooding that may damage your items.

Storage Costs

Storage facilities typically base their charges on the square footage of their storage units. The cost per square foot varies depending on the location of the facility. For example, facilities in prime locations in the center of the city are likely to cost more than facilities in the suburbs where property prices are relatively lower.

Moving Costs

Lastly, the distance from your base of operations to the storage unit will also affect your moving costs. This can be a big deal if you don't have a car or if the items you want to store are too bulky for your car. In such a case, you have to hire a mover, and movers typically charge by distance. The moving costs can especially be high if you have to take and remove things to and from the storage units regularly. 

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